Parking Fregat

Parking “Fregat”

Tired of your child’s cars scattered all over the house? Well, then now is the time to buy “Fregat” parking lot made of real birch plywood! The design is a four-storey structure – there is enough space for everyone! By the way, on the top floor there is a special area with a helicopter. And to make the cars easier to lift, an elevator with a lifting mechanism is provided!

“Fregat” parking set is an excellent solution for those tired of plastic! Our company offers products made of totally safe and natural material. Hundreds of parents have already made a purchase, and now they are happy – children simply cannot be torn away from the game! To make it even more fun, you can always take paints to paint the set to your liking!

The set includes a helicopter, road signs, a barrier and security point.
The parking lot equipped with a lifting mechanism.
Assembled size: 61cm x 20cm x 26cm
112 pcs.

Packaging dimension:
Single Box Size: 430mm x 230mm x 30mm
Weight: 2.0kg
Quantity in Group Box: 9pcs
Group Box Size: 430mm х 230mm х 300mm
Group box Weight: 18.5kg
Quantity Group Box on Pallet: 35
Pallet Weight: 647.5kg

EAN: 4603312227040

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